Gazipur DPOD is a rights-based organization to persons with disabilities. The work area of the organization is:

   ⇛     Disabled people’s rights and development
   ⇛    Fulfilling basic needs
   ⇛    Inclusive education – promotion
   ⇛    Livelihood improvement
   ⇛    Social participation

Main activities of the organization is:

   →  Activities on promoting the rights of persons with disabilities and their development in the society          and state level.
   →  Advocacy at local level to establishing the dignity, protection and securing the rights of persons with          disabilities.
   →  Activities on the economic development of persons with disabilities.
   →  Promote education into mainstream schools for disabled children.
   →  Facilitate livelihood supports or skills training.
   →  Provide leadership and intellectual capacity building training.
   →  Advocacy and lobbying to authorities responsible.