Goal :

Goal of the organization is to build capacity of persons with disabilities to increase their access to education, healthcare, basic needs, livelihood, social events and developing a disability inclusive society based on human rights model.


Gazipur DPOD envisions to be recognized as an equal contributing organization in the society, family and nation, which is free from barriers and discrimination through gaining self-respect, satisfaction working with program of grassroots disabled people and their organizations.



Mission of the organization is to be a driving force for promoting self-initiative of persons with all types of disabilities for their development and improve their well-being, equal opportunities, social dignity, standard life style and independent living.


History of Organization :

Gazipur DPOD was started in 2008 with initiative of a group of persons with disabilities of the area and it got its first registration in 05 January 2012 from the ministry of social welfare of Bangladesh Government.
Gazipur DPOD is an independent, non-profit making and non-political entity with its working areas in Kaliakair sub-district and 34 grassroots self-help groups (SHGs) of total 1247 persons with disabilities (711 female and 536 male) registered as direct beneficiaries. The organization has a general council of 21 elected members and executive council of 07 elected members from those grassroots self-help organizations of Gazipur DPOD.

All of them are persons with disabilities. At present the organization conduct different activities such as advocacy for education, healthcare, basic needs services, home base therapy, facilitation to persons with disabilities skills development for income generation, networking with GO and NGOs in different development issues.